Start a career that you get framed in

We are looking for passionate art design consultants and professional framers to join our growing team in Chicago.

FastFrame of Chicago is continuously searching for individuals who aspire to a career in framing and design consultation. FastFrame is a unique opportunity to exercise both sides of the brain. Enlist the creative side to help customers with their art. Employ the analytic side to craft the finest frames in the industry.

FastFrame of Chicago provides three main services to its customers:

  1. Professional design assistance
  2. Professional framing craftsmanship
  3. Professional knowledge of art and art resources

Some individuals specialize in only one of these areas. Some multi-talented individuals become expert in two or even all three of these areas. The opportunity for personal growth is immense.

Professional Design Assistance

Customers come to FastFrame expecting knowledgeable help designing their custom frames. A good designer has an appreciation for color and how color affects mood and impact. A working knowledge of design trends in home decoration is a definite advantage. Most important is the ability to listen to a customer and help them achieve or exceed their expectation.

Professional Framing Craftsmanship

Custom framing is not inexpensive. Our customers expect the best in craftsmanship from FastFrame, and expect it in a timely manner. Do you enjoy creating things with your hands? Do you like to solve puzzles? Can you be both meticulous and efficient? A good framer takes a great deal of pride in creating a quality product which meets or exceeds a customer's expectation.

Professional Knowledge of Art and Art Resources

FastFrame clients look to us as a resource for artwork as well as custom framing. We source original art, limited editions and poster prints in every conceivable media. Our customers look to us for knowledgeable information about artists and their artwork. An art background is always a plus. Most important is an insatiable desire to learn everything about the artwork we frame.

Join Us Now!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in beginning a challenging and rewarding career with FastFrame, let us know. We can accept resumes as either text (no formatting) or MS Word format. Please email or fax your resume to:
Fast Frame of Chicago
1701 North Clybourn Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614
Fax: (312) 202-1119


Fastframe of Wheaton
55 Danada Square East
Whaton, Illinois 60189
Fax: (630) 690-5989


Thanks for wanting to join the Fast Frame of Chicago family, we appreciate your time and effort in submitting your qualifications.